Tsun Jin Physics Workshop 1 Sept 2018

September 1, 2018

hi students of Tsun Jin High school


following are the files for today worshop


click here Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)

Tsun jin 2018

planning-worksheet UCSI 2017


ALL the BEST IN YOUR SPM. Hope you all enjot it




July 31, 2018

Hi boys and girls of chung hwa kl high school.

Following are the attachment for the answer for the last week physics seminar.

Pls feel free to download it and understand it. Thank you so much.

All the best in your TRIAL SPM AND SPM.

Click hereĀ Confucian 2018

planning-worksheet UCSI 2017

Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)



Confucian Physics Workshop at Janda Baik

July 25, 2018

hi boys and girls of Confucian school.


following are the handout of that day. enjoy.



click here Confucian 2018


Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)

planning-worksheet UCSI 2017

following is the link for some interesting notes on Physics. please click on it and download it.


i hope it help you all.

click https://goo.gl/9tdS1d


thank you

Seminar Fizik Seri Bintang Selatan 25 April

May 2, 2018

hi SBS students. following are the hand out.

sorry for the delay. hope you all will try out the techniques in your Mid term examination.

Good Luck
Format Planning experiment
Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)

Seminar 2018

Paper 3 Planning

All the BEST in MID term exam and SPM

Discussion SPM Physics 2017

November 17, 2017

hi all students

evening greeting from me to everybody. next tuesday is the paper of Physics.
i wish you all best of luck and keep up the good tone to continue learn more in Physics.

the target for this year are Paper 3
1. heat experiment about Charles law== volume with temperature
temperature with mass of liquid
2. Pressure (density) with differences of liquid (thistle funnel)
3. interference x and a
4. resistance and length

Paper 2.
1. bernoulli
2. nuclear fusion
3. thermionic emission
4. heat charles law
5. impulsive force and impulse
6. elasticity, Catapult force
7. electricity (for sure)
8. total internal reflection

good luck and remember , these are NOT SPOT questions or other mean.

UCSI Physics Workshop 2017

September 30, 2017

hello students
following are the files for today workshop.

hope these all will help.

all the BEST IN SPM and GOOD LUCK.

click hereUSCI Workshop 2017Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)

UCSI Essay workshop 2017
planning-worksheet UCSI 2017


Tsun Jin Physics seminar

September 29, 2017

To all Tsun Jin students

sorry for the delay. Following are the handout that day.

thank you and best of luck
click herePaper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)

click hereTsun Jin Physics 2017

click hereplanning-experiment-worksheet

Physics SPM Workshop SMK Taman Desa

July 18, 2017

8 July 2017 Click here.Fizik SMKTD 2017 – POST BLOG

thank you again for SMK Taman Desa for inviting me for the Physics Workshop.

Following are the files for the workshop for your reference.

Thank you so much.

click here SMKTD Bengkel 2017

Taman desa Essay

Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)



Seminar Fizik SMKPB

July 18, 2017

Hello to all the students of SMK Perempuan Bandaraya and Perempuan Pudu.

Sorry for the late post of the material for the workshop. Do download and view the necessary information.

thank you again. hope we will meet up again in August.

click here Paper3 Planning experiment( Diagram)


SMKPB Bengkel

EDITED SBP P3 Fizik 2016


Seminar Fizik SMK BB seri petaling

November 8, 2016

To all Students of SMK BB Seri Petaling

sorry for the delay.

following are the files for that day seminar.
thank you
click hereseri-petaling
click hereusci-paper-3
click here paper3-planning-experiment-diagram