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Seminar Physics Answer and discussion

September 8, 2010

jawapan paper 3 zulaili(pelajar)Following are the answer for the seminar.enjoy learning.
Paper 3b (Zulaili) Guru

Seminar Physics JPWPKL Part 2

September 8, 2010

Skema P2b jawapan physics ppd (Zalipah)Teknik menjawab p2 2010(Aswati)
Paper 3b (Zulaili) Guru
Following are the attachment of seminar of JPWPKL.

Seminar SPM 2010 Physics at JPWPKL (powerpoint)

September 5, 2010

Paper 3a (Thong) SPM2010
paper 1-Pn.Ong&Pn.Tan

to all students, please refer to the following attachment for JPWPKL Seminar SPM 2010 PHYSICS at PPD Bangsar.