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Momentum from Carbon dioxide GAS???

August 30, 2009


Physics is always relate momentum with two balls separated after a collision. But I got an idea to relate momentum in teaching with an experiment related with CARBON DIOXIDE. ??? Yes, the idea from a team of lectures in Taylor University. The Carbon Dioxide Car competition which just held recently at Taylor University for a certain numbers of participation of schools around Kuala Lumpur. This event is very interesting and can be implemented in teaching and learning in school.
This project can generate more inquiries and make the students more understand about momentum from the principle of momentum with the car move forward and the reaction is toward the opposite direction. I do think this project can implement and be part of the teaching and learning for everybody. The reaction is related with calcium bicarbonate and ethanoic acid and thus, produce carbon dioxide. Go Forward to learn more about Physics. PHYSICS IS FUN.


Mighty Minds or mighty hearts

August 27, 2009

Creativity and mighty hands of MBS students had earned them a glorious
recognition of their mighty hearts when participated in the RHB- The Star Mighty Minds
Federal Territory state challenge which was held on 25 and 26 july at Berjaya Times Square.

Both of MBSSKL lower secondary teams made it to the second round. MBSSKL team B, represented by Gordan Tay Shao Kang, Kelvin Wong Yow Yung and Mohd Solleh Bin Asmadi, emerged as the first runner-up after the hands-on challenge. Their challenge is creating a a water piping system from “reservoir” to a “tap” and “shower”. The team had miss out a Physics concept of underground piping which do supply to household.

In the upper secondary category, MBSSKL team A represented by Eric Khong Mun Kit, Caleb Wong Qile and Anthony Yew Wing Xiang have made the school proud by emerging as the state champion. Their challenge is creating a manually operated device to lift or pick up light objects from a distance.They will represent Kuala Lumpur in the National Challenge in October.


star picture