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Seminar PRA SPM 2011 JPNKL

August 20, 2011

To all students of FORM 4 in KL, there will be a seminar on 22 September 2011 organise by the KL state department from the speakers of PHYSICS experiences teachers. So dont miss this opportunity to learn from them. See you all there on time. Enjoy PHYSICS.


Seminar SPM 2011 SMK Petaling

August 20, 2011

“http://sample paper JPNKL (seminar 2011)” title=”Paper 2 and 3 Cikgu T”>
hallo to all boys and girls of SMK Petaling, following are the presentation of the Seminar. Please do enjoy and hope you all will get GOOD marks. GOOD LUCK.

Powerpoint SMK Agama Bengkel SPM 2011

August 20, 2011

http://Paper 3 Section B (2)” title=”Cikgu T paper 3 part B”>
http://Paper 3 Section A” title=”cikgu T paper 3 part a”>

http://Teknik menjawab stud2011(Aswati)” title=”Cikgu Aswati paper2″>
hallo to all boys and girls, to those who had present on the workshop at SMK Agama, these are the few powerpoint presentation. please enjoy and hope you all do well in trial. adios.