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Latest presentation of powerpoint MUST GO THROUGH

November 13, 2011

click hereTmn Connaught

to all my beloved SPM students, this is the last minutes revision before next two weeks exam. prepare yourself with electromagnetism, some elctronisc of transistor and logic gate and heat chapter, Esp gas law and experiment with calculation.

Dont forget elasticity. and momentum chapter. Some idea of refraction and propagation of waves due to refraction.

Please dont memorize formula, understand how to use it, it the most important.

Understand energy fission and fusion, E= mc 2.

good luck and all the best in the SPM


SPM 2003 and spm 2004 Questions

November 7, 2011

To all spm candidates and my followers of seminar, below attachment is the spm 2003 and 2004 structures questions. i will place these files in here just for a week only. this is because the files is copy right from cerdik. i would like to thank you the publisher for just sharing for a week in this blog. thank you.
click here <a spm 2003
href=’’>spm 2003