Physics Modules Form 5

1.0 Waves
2.0 Electricity
3.0 Electromagnetism
4.0 Electronics
5.0 Radioactivity
All above are the Physics Form 5 Modules. Please click on the link to download. Please download and keep it as a notes. thank you.


33 Responses to “Physics Modules Form 5”

  1. henry Says:

    may u help me plz?i need the answer for f.4 n 5 modules as teacher copy

  2. guruthong Says:

    may i know who is this please. exam is today , too late. thank you.

  3. cikgu nurul Says:

    hello and hi.
    I`m searching physics module. I was found that your module are very interesting as I compared to some other modules. My degree was in Physics Edu (2008 UTM) and only after 5 years posting I manage to teaching physics in school (Johor). I have download all your physics module but unfortunately I could not found the teacher`s copy. May I have it as my guideline. Highly Thank You and best regards from me.

  4. guruthong Says:

    halo cikgu nurul u can download from

  5. Cikgu Yong Says:

    Hi cikgu Thong,
    I am a physics teacher too, I went to the website that u mentioned in ur previous comment, I can only find the module without answers. Can u share the link for the teacher’s copy? Thanks a lots.

  6. Winnie Long Says:

    hello teacher. can you let me know where I can download your Form 5 teacher’s copy? thank you.

  7. guruthong Says:

    hello winnie, where are you from? you are lucky to get to download my form 4 teacher copys.

  8. kana Says:

    Hi sir, sir can i get your form5 module answers for my bro who will sit for spm next year.

  9. roslini Says:

    hello mr thong, can I know where I can download the module’s answer. Im going to use your module for my physics class. tq

  10. Jonathan Ang Says:

    Hi, mr Thong, long time no see. How are you? Just want to know if you still have physics module form 5 chapter 4 and 5 teachers copy? If not can you tell me where could i get it?

  11. guruthong Says:

    cikgu yong, are you a teacher from JB? where are you teaching, thank you.

  12. Yong Chee Kieng Says:

    Hello, Guru Thong, I am from Kuching Sarawak and I teach in SMK DPHA Gapor. Hope u can share ur resources with me.

  13. guruthong Says:

    Cikgu yong, smk DHPA nama penuhnya sekolahnya?terima kasih.

  14. guruthong Says:

    Jonathan can i know which school are you teaching? thank you

  15. guruthong Says:

    cikgu roslini, bolehkah saya tahu cikgu dari sekolah mana? terima kasih

  16. guruthong Says:

    kana, can i know your brother from which school? thank you.

  17. Yong C.K. Says:

    Hi Cikgu Thong, nama penuh ialah Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Gapor

  18. guruthong Says:

    cikgu ada sekolah nama sekolah menengah kerajaan ke? terima kasih, tadi saya dah upload chapter form 5 waves. cikgu boleh download file tersebut.

  19. alicia Says:

    Hello. May I know where can I get the answers for f4 and f5 modules. Thanks

  20. guruthong Says:

    may i know where are you from? thank you.

  21. mc Says:

    hi~I am from sm tsun jin,May I know where can I get the module’s answer(f4 and f5)?

  22. Chung Shen Chien Says:

    Cikgu Thong, May I get the answers for F5 modules? Your notes are easy to understand, but not sure bout the answers. Hope to do early preparation for form 5 physics. Thanks. I’m from SM Pei Min, Miri, Sarawak. Hope to hear good news from you soon.

  23. guruthong Says:

    are you a teacher? it seem you were born on 1983?

  24. guruthong Says:

    are you a teacher? it seem you were born on 1983?

  25. guruthong Says:

    give me your email. i email to u

  26. mc Says:

    hi,Cikgu Thong.This is my email address thank you

  27. guruthong Says:

    ok i send to you

  28. cpj Says:

    Hi Cikgu, could you please email me the answers for your form 4 and 5 questions? I am not able to find them. It is for my sister in SMK Green Road Kuching.

  29. Lee Hui Hsing Says:

    Guru Thong, I am teacher from SMK Sungai Pelek, Could you share me the answer of module form 4 and form 5 physics? Here is my email address: Thank you very much for your kindness.

  30. guruthong Says:

    hello cpj, i thought i rememeber that you had ask the module since 3 years ago from green road, kuching. i thought your sister should had graduate by this year. anyway the questions is inside this blog, just click search module form 4 or 5. thank you.

  31. guruthong Says:

    hello cikgu lee, can i know where you get to know about this module? usually we are confidential on the answer deliverly. we would like to ensure the recipient is a teacher. thank you.

  32. Tan Shu Yi Says:

    I am Tan Shu Yi,currently form 5 and study in SMJK Jit Sin.May I request for answer for Physics Form 4 module chapter 5 Light?Thank you.

  33. guruthong Says:

    Hello shu yi.are you from smjk jit sin?why one of the teacher dont know about you?a chemistry teacher

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