Discussion SPM 2015

Good day to all form 5 students. good luck in your SPM 2015 examination on 25 November 2015. ALL the BEST To YOU ALL.


This year HOT TOPIC

1. Electromagnetism — regarding the induce current and deflection of galvanometer. The oppose direction of galvanometer when magnet push in. Understand the factor affecting.

2. Electricity sure come out- remember definition of 10 W 240 V ? factors affect the resistance. maybe discuss in essay.

3. Radioactive — fission and fusion ,either one. understand reactor nuclear reaction, example in MRSM essay questions. E =mc 2. The cloud chamber with the shape of particles detect. disperse, straight and curve.

4. the CRO deflection and the eV = 1/2 mv2.

4. heat IS IMPORTANT– Gas law– Charles law and Boyle’s Law.
dont forget about the definition of specific heat capacity, understand the specific heat capacity meaning very well, high specific heat capacity with heat conductivity. May be calculation of heat involved.

5. Refraction of light and total internal reflection, n = 1/ sin c. understand refraction from one medium to another medium. Maybe drawing of ray of refraction may involved.

6.the pressure involved P= F/A, factor about the area cross sectional.

7. Inertia or momentum, understand elastic and inelastic momentum,
understand inertia, a relate to 1/m

8. Internal resistance E= V + Ir

Paper 3

planning experiment

1. gas laws — charles law, Boyle’s law, Elasticity– Hooke law
2. Electromagnetism— magnet drop into solenoid, measure the height drop into solenoid.
Pass year questions doesn’t said that it won’t come out again. please DO READ BACK planning experiment last year examination. C shape electricity.

3. pressure measurement using Bourdon gauge and emf , E = V + Ir graph extrapolation, please understand the graph.

GOOD LUCK. pass year questions doesn’t mean it won’t come out again. IT MAY COME BACK AGAIN.Please be prepare.

THESE all are just discussion, please take it as a sharing. thank you so much.


2 Responses to “Discussion SPM 2015”

  1. Mary Says:

    Mr Thong when are you posting Sains Seri Puteri holiday module for paper 3?

  2. guruthong Says:

    sorry mary. im going to post now. can you please inform the other friend to do the work if they manage to do it? thank you so much and so sorry for the late reply.

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