Seminar Physics 2012 Sek Sultan Alam Shah

Hallo to all the boys in Sek Sultan Alam Shah. following are the attachment for your references. do enjoy it and share with me. thank you.

click here Seminar SMS Putrajaya 2012

Hope you all can Score A+.


2 Responses to “Seminar Physics 2012 Sek Sultan Alam Shah”

  1. Norlizayati Othman Says:

    Hello r Thong. I am Pn Liza former teacher at VI. Remember? I am now t SMJK Sin Min Sp Kedah. Thanks for sharing!

  2. guruthong Says:

    Hi cikgu nurliza.yes sure remember you.
    How are you in new school?good?wish you all the best in kedah,you sure HAPPY at your dream place.
    I’m sure you had all the teachers copy with you,am I’m correct?
    Take care.happy new year

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