Friday Extra Class 4K and 4M ( Lecture and Experiment)

To all 4 K and 4 M students, tomorrow will be a class of lecture of chapter 2 and a small group discussion on experiment. You all should have done the model of impulsive force of a structure to prevent the egg from cracking when drop from 4th floor of the school building. you and your group should have come out with the model of preventing egg from cracking.

Other that the experiment above, you all should have create a model of car which can move for a distance when a chemical reaction take place in the bottle for calcium carbonate and ethanoic acid to create a momentum push the car forward.

We should perform the experiment in the class and NOT to construct the experiment in the lab tommorrow. You all should have done it at home.

1. Preventing Egg Cracking- use anything to hold the egg and prevent the egg from carcking. exp – a wire cage hold the egg from cracking.

2. A carbonate gas bottle with wheel, any wheel will move the car will do. exp- tamiya car wheel. hold up with the bottle and a stopper to hold the reaction of chemical and release the momentum when the stopper is open. You can refer to Taylor’s University enginneering project on CO2 car competition or in web. Thank you very much to everybody.


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